As you have already seen in the article “The most beautiful shirt in Brazil: from conception to store”, the marketing of Gigante da Colina (this is one of Vasco’s nickname, in free translation it would be something like “The Hill Giant”) today has a special focus on the launch of shirts, with a team that works together for this theme, uniting as Creation, Licensing and Strategic Brand Management.

Always looking to improve the material, the new 3rd uniform of 2022-2023 unveils an innovative conceptual video that covers the aspects considered for the design of the pieces and that make Vasco love Vasco.

The production process for this video began in June, when more than 9 production companies and agencies were assessed in various aspects to arrive at the one chosen to develop the video, the End to End Group.

“We understand that the quality in the presentation of the uniforms is directly proportional to the revenue it will generate. It is essential to create a good story and communicate it with the emotion that only football awakens. Another important factor is to take care of the entire process so that there are no leaks in the pieces, which would interfere with the narrative and could devalue the products.” – Fabio Monterosso, marketing manager at Vasco da Gama.

The video comes in the format of a manifest, praising some of the many reasons that make a “Vascaíno” love the “Gigante da Colina” and also reaffirming the “cruzmaltina” identity “cruzmaltina(o)” is one of the terms used to describe Vasco fans] at this time of new winds.

“The launches of uniforms are increasingly a strong point to reinforce our pillars of communication and identity. This is only possible because we are present at all stages of the process, together with Kappa, to develop the most “cruzmaltino” products and communication possible. This launch is our biggest investment in communication in recent years and I believe that we will evolve more and more in future launches. It is rewarding to finally be able to share with fans this uniform that is one of our favorites of recent years after so much time in development, I’m sure fans will also embrace this new uniform.” – comments Vinícius Mussel, Strategic Brand Management Coordinator at “cruzmaltino”.

The mission to turn the video into reality was given to the End to End Group, which worked for the first time with Vasco da Gama in this launch video.

“End to End is very proud to build this important campaign with Vasco. We strongly believe in the strength of the Vasco fans and this four-handed effort was made with great affection so that the world will always remember the origins of the ‘Giant of the Hill’”, says Bruno Brum, CMO of End to End Group.

All the investment in communication was also made in partnership with the retailers from the Vasco licensing stores: after the internal launch event, they have registered the largest order for a Vasco official product since Kappa’s return.

“As it is a very complex end-to-end process (from the product development, launch and logistics until the product arrives at the POS), we are attentive to every detail and always consider the importance of the entire chain involved. With the pilot piece in hand, we carried out the internal launch event to obtain feedback from retailers, an important arm of direct contact with our fans. Regarding this trousseau, the event not only helped us to understand the expectations of the retailers, but we also had the opportunity to explain all the effort we are making in communication and, as a result, we had the largest order for the 3rd shirt in our history.” – comments Fabio Lima, Licensing Coordinator at Vasco da Gama.

Video technical sheet:

Sector responsible for the project: Marketing – Vasco da Gama

Title: #OrigensCruzmaltinas

Screenplay: Vinícius Mussel and End to End Group

Text: Vinícius Mussel in partnership with Luana Saud

Audio Editing: End to End Group

Editing and animation: End to End Group

Video Capture: Vasco TV and Grupo End to End

Voiceover: Ronaldo Tapajos and Lucas Duque

Voiceover Vídeo text:

“With the arrival of new winds, a reminder: it’s always from ‘Vascaíno’ to ‘Vascaíno’.

Every time you see these new shirts on the street, remember who we are. The bonds we build, in pubs watered with beer and cod cakes, from north to south of Brazil, are eternal. A feeling that made our caravel have its pier in the north of Rio de Janeiro, but conquer a port in all corners of Brazil and the world.

Whenever you see these shirts on the street, be proud of the calluses on the hands of those who dedicated their lives to Vasco. Long live Dulce, Barbosa and Candinho! Long live Dinamite, Edmundo and Coutinho! Long live all those who wore this shirt on and off the field to build, little by little, the most beautiful story in football.

Celebrate our home! A temple built with the sweat of our fans and based not only on concrete, but also on respect, equality and inclusion. Only those who live the ‘Barreira’ know what it represents. Our ‘Caldeirão’ is the home of the people, and of everyone who carries Vasco in their hearts, without exception.

When you see these shirts on the street, remember our origins! Every ‘vascaíno’ inherited the courage of an admiral to face new times, without fear, for having no doubts about who we are.

When you are in São Januário, feel the truth behind our Cross and be sure that you will never be alone.

I will always be by your side.

Because “I” am “us”, and we are VASCO.”



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